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Ask👩Didi: No Sleep💤

Dear Didi,

how to decrease sleeping hours?


Dear +91...0️⃣,

Be very careful about sleeping less. Many studies have proven that sleep is critical for mental and physical well-being. You should ask yourself how you can be more productive during your waking hours. Some ideas for you:

  • Figure …
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Ask👩Didi: Rapid Fire Round❗️

Today I launched my channel and got wonderful questions that are not about about ❤love, 💏 relationships and awkward 😳moments. I hate to leave any of my friends out, so I will answer them all in one place:

🔑can i include my service in duta?
📝send your proposal and resume to …

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Ask👩Didi: What do Women Want❓

Dear Didi,
How can I tell about a girl's mind? How do I impress girls?

Dear +91...5️⃣,
You pose a great question, and it is a question several people have asked me today. We spend a lot of time talking about how men and women are very …

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Ask👩Didi:🍸Father in law driving me to drink!

Dear Duta Didi,
I’m a teetotaller and my father in law keeps offering me whiskey. It’s really awkward to say ‘no’, so I end up drinking it and making a fool of myself. Yesterday I drank so much that I vomited on their carpet. I can’t face …

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