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Yaduveer Chamraja Krishnadatta Wodeyar👑of the Wodeyar dynasty, married Trishika Kumari👸🏽 from the former Dungarpur dynasty of Rajasthan at the royal palace of Mysore🌆 on Monday. This would be the first wedding ceremony after 40 years at the palace🏯. There were Vedic hymns🗣 and chants🙏, Carnatic music🎵 filling the air during the ceremony and took place according to the customs🕉 of the royal family👪. “The wedding dress worn by Yaduveer has been specially designed by Her Highness Pramoda Devi,"💬 said M Lakshminarayana, Secretary to the Mysore palace. Yaduveer was initiated as the 27th maharaja👑 of the Mysore Wodeyar family👪 last year in May. A reception🎉 will be held at the royal Wodeyar palace🏯 in Bangalore on July2⃣.

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