New WhatsApp💬 Features❗

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By Fråst🐺

News is that WhatsApp💬 is working on various new features like music sharing🎵, mentions@, public group links🔗 and large emoji▪◼. The features are available on iOS’s🍎 newest beta version. WhatsApp will soon have the ability to share music🎵 that is stored locally on a phone📱 and will have an option allowing users share songs from Apple Music🍎 too. They’ll even get album art previews🖼 and a music icon to play▶🎵 the song. Group admins will simply need to share a link🔗 for users to join the group👥 and will also be able to withdraw the link to close the chat💬. With mentions, users can tag others in a chat message, like in Twitter🐦. As for larger icons, they’re an attempt to make users express❤ themselves better and are a lighter alternative to using stickers. It should be noted that telegram🔵 already has some of the mentioned features for a while now😏.

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