Glastonbury🎶 in Awe👍 of Adele🎤

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British singer Adele🎶 stole the show at the Glastonbury festival🎵 with her 90-minute, 15-song set. She started with 'Hello'👏 and changed its lyrics to "I've been Glastonbury dreaming" which was met with a huge roar📢 from the crowd🙌. She even called a young girl👧 to the stage and said that she had been coming to Glastonbury since she was her age😳. After the emotional😍 show, Adele said🔈, "Glastonbury means the world to me, I'm not even lying. I've always wanted to do this my whole life but I've been too scared. I have never been so moved by anything in my life... This is, by far, the best moment of my life so far."

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