Priyanka’s💋 Granny's 👵🏻 Last Wish Unfulfilled

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Priyanka Chopra💋 had gone to Kerala to bury her maternal grandmother, Madhu Jyotsana Akhauri👵🏻, who passed away last week. The last rites🙏 were to be performed at a Kumarakom Parish church⛪ in Kerala as per her grandmother’s wishes. But to everyone’s surprise, the church refused❌ to bury her in their cemetery. Madhu was born as Mary John in Kerala, but converted to Hinduism🕉 after she married Dr Akhauri when she left for Bihar. A church spokesperson explained💬, “She had broken ties with the church post her marriage to a Hindu, and she lived as a Hindu. One is automatically disowned by the church under such circumstances. She could have re-joined the church while alive. But once a person is dead, we cannot accept the body for burial.” The funeral💐 was then conducted at the nearby St Thomas Jacobite Church⛪ at Ponkunnam, which made an exception for Madhu and buried her.

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