Death💀 by Hair Transplant Surgery😳

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

Santosh, 22, went for a ₹73K 💰 hair transplant🙇🏻 procedure as he was suffering from baldness, but died 2⃣ days after the surgery😳. Santosh was a final year medical student in Chennai🌇, his mother P Josebeen, is a nurse. Santosh developed a fever after the 🔟-hour transplant procedure and died 2⃣ days later. The procedure involves transplanting around 1,200 hairs to his head🙇🏻. Santosh’s parents declare that the doctors who performed the procedure at the Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant Centre weren’t❌ surgeons at all. The also said that the anaesthetist👷 left immediately after the procedure began😳. The doctors are now missing🤔. Authorities say that the centre was only meant to run as a hair salon and their license expired 2⃣ months ago😳. The doctors were certified, but they had no medical facilities to tackle complications like a sterile areas or operation theatres.

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