‘Udta Punjab’🎥: Facts of Punjab's Drug Woes

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By Fråst🐺

With an annual consumption of drugs💉 worth ₹7,500 cr💰 and a daily consumption of ₹20 cr💰 per day, the number of addicts in Punjab is 4 times higher than the global average with addicts spending as much as ₹1,400💵 a day on drugs. These facts are debatable, but one cannot deny the existence of a critically drug-dependant state😞. There are villages near the border of Punjab which are becoming ghost-towns🏚 as youth are dying due to drug addiction💉. The number of addicts is estimated around 2.32 lakhs👥. These addicts have tried to quit, but in vain as the addiction is strong and there aren’t❌ enough rehabilitation centres and efforts made by the government🏤 are feeble, to say the least. As a matter of fact, Punjab has completely lost👎 the battle against addiction, and for some ‘unknown’ reason organisations are trying to downplay👀 their failure and hush up the crisis⚠. The Bombay High Court🏣 is currently hearing the case by the filmmakers📽 of Udta Punjab against the Censor🚫 Board.

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