Bezos Promises 💲3⃣ Bn into Amazon🌳 India📹:

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By Fråst🐺

Amazon’s🌳 founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, announced📢 a 💲3⃣ billion investment into the company’s India🇮🇳 operations. In 2014, he announced a 💲2⃣billion investment, proving that Bezos thinks India is, right now and in the long term, the most crucial international market. Flipkart🗑 and Snapdeal👌 have already seen serious growth, and since Amazon launched its India site in 2013, they’ve also seen serious competition😠. India🇮🇳 remains a challenging market for everyone especially since most of India’s online shopping is done strictly based on prices💲. This has led to drastic discounts by many e-commerce sites and is bad for the long term. Check out this conversation with Jeff; he mentions India🇮🇳 around 1 hour 11 minutes in📹:

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