Ask👩Didi: Bored❓ Here's 4️⃣Things You Can Do❗️

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+91...6️⃣plz suggest how to utilize free time

Dear +91...6️⃣,

This is a 👌great question. It’s important to plan your time wisely and set goals for yourself. Here are some things to try when you have free time:

👍What would you like to achieve this year, this month, this week, today? Spend free time setting realistic goals and enjoy achieving them.
👍Make a list of all of the 🎥movies, 📺TV shows, you’ve wanted to watch and the 📚books you’ve always wanted to read. Check it the next time you have nothing to do.
👍Catch up with family and friends, they’d always like to 👫 hear from you if you have spare time.
👍Sit with a pen and notebook and write down 📝 your ideas and things you’ve always wanted to experience, you’ll see them grow and solidify over a period of time.

The next time you have a moment, you won’t be bored!
Duta Didi