Ask👩Didi: No Girlfriend? 5️⃣Reasons Why❗️

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+91...6️⃣ why i no have gf? why am i single?

Dear +91...6️⃣,

Here are 4️⃣reasons why you are single:

1️⃣Stop worrying about yourself, start thinking 🤔how you can add value to somebody else’s life.
2️⃣Have you actually ever approached somebody you like❓ Try it.
3️⃣Stop waiting for a perfect woman. Just as you’re not perfect, you can’t expect a potential girlfriend to be❗️
4️⃣Stop trying to be more than you are. Let yourself ✨shine through.
5️⃣Ask yourself whether the time is right. Maybe your ❤️romantic life should not be your focus right now.

You’re best at being who you are. Be confident and approach people you’re attracted to. The worst thing they can say is ‘no’.

Duta Didi