Black Holes🕳: Portals to Alternate Universes🌌⁉

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The Einstein👻 of our times, professor Stephen Hawking🤓, published a new paper📑 wherein he says that matter falling through black holes🕳 needn’t disintegrate, but could possibly enter an alternate universe😳. In his Physical Review Letters📑, he proposed a theory suggesting that black holes needn’t be so fearsome. The letters were co-written✍ by colleagues Andrew Strominger and Malcolm Perry, professors at Harvard🏤 and Cambridge🏤. The suggested theory has received approval from other experts and could solve a crucial paradox of black holes🕳. Previously, it has been believed that anything falling into a black hole would disintegrate and be lost forever along with the information about the object. So far the theory has been rather unclear🤔 as to how it could happen as the information would certainly need to go somewhere, either as a release of energy🔥 or conversion into another form of matter📦.

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