Child-Molesting Supdt.🐷 Arrested‼

  |   India News

On Tuesday, the superintendent🐷 of the children’s home in Lajpat Nagar was arrested⛓ for allegedly sexually assaulting 12 girls aged between 8 and 10 years. It is also reported that he photographed📷 and shot videos📹 of the act. The incident happened when the caretaker👵 stepped out for official training. The superintendent, Ram Sahay Meena is believed to have asked the girls to sit in a room till the caretaker returned. He then called the girls one by one to an adjoining room. “He took the girl inside and locked the room. He started touching her inappropriately, undressed her and sexually abused her. When she cried in pain, he put his hand on her mouth. After he was done, he told the girl to go out and send her friend inside,” the caretaker said. Ram Sahay Meena was recently promoted😑 as superintendent and has been posted at the children's home🏠 since August 2015.

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