Germany🇩🇪 Going Crazy😜 Over Cricket🏏

Germany🇩🇪 is one of the European🌍 countries which face a severe migrant crisis. Refugees😞 from the Middle East, Pakistan🇵🇰 and Afghanistan are still entering the country seeking asylum. The refugee crisis😟 has also changed the country in some sorts🤔 and some of them are crazy yet interesting😉 changes. One such change is 🏏cricket's growing popularity👍 in Germany. The football⚽ crazy nation has now 😳5,000 cricketers and 220 teams👌 registered with the German Cricket Federation. Migrants have started forming clubs✌ and they are also practising at pitches rented from football clubs👏. However, most clubs are not financially stable😔 and they are only surviving on donations💶. UK cricketing charity and the Lord's Taverners have already made donations💸 to a lot of teams in Germany.

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