🇮🇳India to Sell BrahMos🚀 to Vietnam👏

  |   India News

India🇮🇳 is planning to sell advanced cruise missile🚀 system to Vietnam and has targeted at least 15 more markets. Sale of the BrahMos missile, an Indo-Russia joint venture, would see a change in policy for the World's🌎 biggest importer in defence. This is a sure shot method to increase the number of allies⬆ and boost revenues💰. India is also considering to offer a battleship🛳 armed with BrahMos to Vietnam, reportedly. The government has ordered BrahMos Aerospace to expedite the sales to a list of countries that includes Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Chile & Brazil. India has been hesitant in selling the BrahMos to Hanoi as it might provoke😠 China🇨🇳. However, the country has realised that stronger defence🛡 relationships with U.S.A🇺🇸, Japan🇯🇵 and Vietnam has given a stronger footing in its dealings with China. India will likely join the Missile Technology Control Regime (MCTR) which might facilitate a move into the Nuclear Suppliers Group👏, a move which China has blocked✋ repeatedly.

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