Maneka: Envt 🌳 Min's 'Lust for 🔪Killing' ‼

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Maneka Gandhi👩 has slammed the Union Environment🌳 Ministry and accused them of indulging in animal slaughter😮. The ministry headed by Prakash Javadekar had submitted a report📑 to legalise killing of certain animals🙊 which are found in excess in the animal-human conflict areas. Various states were asked to declare a certain 'over-populated' species as vermin for a limited period of time⏲. Once declared vermin, the species could be hunted🔫 down without restriction. Environment minister Prakash Javadekar claimed that this was done for farmers who were facing problems due to animals and that the provision to declare wild animals as problem animals was already part of the Wild Protection Act, 1972📄. However, Maneka who is an animal rights activist apart from being a Union Minister condemned😡 the ministry's action. She said,"In West Bengal, they have issued orders to kill elephants🐘, in Himachal Pradesh they have ordered for monkeys🙈 to be killed and in Goa the peacocks are killed. In Maharashtra's Chandrapur, they have killed 53 wild boar🐷 and given permission to kill 50 more. I don't know what kind of lust for killing has taken over the environment ministry."

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