Simmons💪 Thanks Arrogant ⭐Kohli‼

Lendl Simmons💪 single-handedly ousted India🇮🇳 from the WT20🏆 with a match winning knock in the semi-finals. Recently, Simmons revealed that he was spurred by ⭐Virat Kohli's aggression😡 on the field. "When he (Virat Kohli) fielded, he said something to me, and I said to myself, 'I'm going to show you you're not the only good batsman.Those things motivate our players and it certainly motivated me",said Simmons. The 31-year-old rates his knock against India as one of the best he has ever played. "Every cricketer has his day and you just need to cash in when it is your day. I took full opportunity of that (caught off no-balls) to bat until the end. It was mind-blowing doing that with all those people supporting India and being very loud. It was the highlight of my career," reflected🤔 Simmons

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