Aamir⭐ & Amitabh Blast💥 Censor✂ Board‼

  |   Bollywood / Aamir Khan

The controversy💥 surrounding the movie🎥 Udta Punjab is heating up each day. Eminent filmmakers🎬 and actors have come out and supported the film. On Wednesday, actor Amitabh Bachchan⭐ also commented on the whole issue. He said🔈, “When you kill our creativity, you kill our soul. That would be detrimental to progress per say. I am not aware of Udta Punjab issue. But it is unfortunate that there is going to be a delay that they have to fight their way to the high court.”
Meanwhile, speaking📢 at an event in Mumbai, Aamir Khan😎 lashed out at the censor board's decision to 😳rename the title and to make 89 ✂cuts. “It’s very unfortunate. I’m pained that the film is going through this. As per my knowledge, it is based on drug addiction and delivers a social message. I don’t think there is anything that should be cut or audience should be kept away,” Aamir said👏.

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