🌈Gays & Bi’s Are Not❌ ‘Third Gender’

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

On Thursday, the Supreme Court🏤 said that it wouldn’t modify✍ its 2014 order on transgenders and said that lesbians👭, gays👬 and bisexuals👬👭 are not a third gender🤔. The 2014 order allowed for a ‘new’ transgender sex and said that the Centre🏣 should provide third gender categories in forms📄 and reservation in socially backward category. The judge said🔉, “there is no confusion and it had clearly stated that lesbian, gays and bisexuals do not fall under category of third gender. We kept in mind the Apex Court's verdict on homosexuals while pronouncing the verdict.” The Court🏤 said that the 2014 law was mandated to recognise transgenders and emphasise that they too deserve equal protection🛡 of the law. Transgenders have failed to be recognised as citizens👥 and have been disrespected😤 and are vulnerable to harassment😠 which is a contradiction to Article 14 of the Constitution📜 – the right to equality.

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