ISIS’s▪ Favourite Chemical Bomb💣: TATP

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By Fråst🐺

Triacetone tirperoxide (TATP)⚗ is been found at ISIS🏴 hide-outs in Paris🇫🇷, Brussels🇧🇪 and now Hyderabad🇮🇳. The chemical was first used by suicide bombers☠ in Israel🇮🇱 and has become popular among ISIS🏴 terrorists. In Hyderabad it was found in the basement of an ISIS🏴 terrorist, Ahmed Al Amoodi alias Fahad👿, who was busted by the NIA on Wednesday along with several others. It is reported that they would have used the bombs💣 in targeting VVIPs, heritage and national buildings🏬 and crowded places👥. If they managed to succeed, it would be the first time TATP⚗ would be used in India🇮🇳. TATP, or the ‘Mother of Satan,’ 👺 is made in controlled conditions using high quantities of acetone, hydrogen peroxide and sulphuric acid, all of which are easily available in 💊drug shops.

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