Modi✌ Wants No❌ New Schemes

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By Fråst🐺

On Thursday, PM Modi✌ asked his ministers to refrain from announcing📢 any new schemes but focus on implementing those already in existence. He wants the schemes announced📣 in the past Budget💰 sessions & in the BJP’s 🔸2014 Lok Sabha manifesto📜. His statement came at the Pragati monthly review which lasted almost 5⃣ hours. Unlike his previous meetings, where around 4-5 ministries were presided 🔎 over, this time, he spoke to 42 key🔑 ministries and departments. PM Modi✌ also said that such a review would henceforth take place every 3⃣ months. During the meeting, each individual ministry was reviewed and had its performance rated📊. There are rumours that a Cabinet reshuffle🔁 will take place by the end of July. Sources say that Modi ✌ is mostly satisfied that FY15’s targets have been largely met.

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS