Apple🍎 Wants Tidal’s🌊 Exclusive Deals

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By Fråst🐺

Apple🍎 is negotiating an acquisition deal with music🎵 streaming app Tidal🌊 which offers early and exclusive released from popular artists like Kanye West👎 & Beyoncé🌺. However, the talks are still in their nascent stage and mightn’t culminate in a deal🤔. But Apple🍎 won’t give up that easily and has been trying to send out exclusives itself. However, Tidal🌊 still seems to be winning the ‘exclusive’ game. In March 2015, Rapper Jay Z 🎤bought Tidal for $56 million💰 and revamped it with various partnerships like Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Arcade fire, Chris Martin from Coldplay😍 and more.

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