Ask👩Didi: Making Your Partner Happy😊

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+91...9⃣ how can i make my girlfriend happy?

Dear +91...9⃣,

We spend a lot of time depending on 🔁 others for our own happiness. We also bend 🏋 over backwards to make others 😅happy.

The ✨golden rule✨ to figure out as soon as possible is that for each of us, 😃happiness comes from within. Rather than trying to figure out how to make a 👩girlfriend or a 👱boyfriend happy, focus on being the 👌best, most 👍positive person you can be.

Here are some ✅DOs and ❌DON'Ts:

✅DO treat your girlfriend/boyfriend as you'd want to be treated.

✅DO have a balanced relationship. Things never work if one person does all the giving.

❌DON'T be selfish.

❌DON'T tolerate being treated badly

Smile, on the INSIDE❗️ You'll make everybody around you happy😀


Duta Didi

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