Pondi Govt's👍 Kabali🎥 Initiative🤔

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The buzz💬 around a Rajinikanth⭐ movie🎥 can never be matched by any star🌟 in India. His upcoming film Kabali is already breaking 👍numerous records. Recently, the Puducherry Govt came up with an 😂interesting prospect for all Rajini fans🙌 in Sellipet panchayat. The Govt has offered a ticket😳 if they construct a toilet in their residence👏. A survey📊 conducted by the district rural development agency has found👉 that, out of the 772 households in Sellipet village,😱 447 do not have a toilet. Meanwhile, Lt Governor👔 of Pucuchhery, Kiran Bedi👩 has requested Rajinikanth⭐ to be the brand ambassador of the Swachh Bharat👌 scheme in the union territory.
Kabali📽 is expected to release on July 15th📅.

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