Movie Reviews📽 : Legend of Tarzan, Shorgul & More

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The Legend of Tarzan:
Duta Rating ⭐️⭐️(2/5)
This remake of Mowgli's grown-up cousin doesn't make as much of an impact as Jungle Book🌳 did earlier this year. Tarzan lives as John Clayton in London with his wife Jane👩 and is lured back to the forests of Congo by poachers and kidnappers☠ who seek to destroy everything he loves😱. Christoph Waltz⭐ as the conniving schemer😈 who strikes a deal for diamonds 💎is one-dimensional. Samuel L. Jackson delivers a speech🗣 to remind Tarzan that he still is Tarzan but other than that he doesn't have much to do. The visuals are great😍 & Skarsgård 💪 gives an earnest performance.

🎬Director: David Yates

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Duta Rating ⭐️(1/5)
An attempted political drama that is quite poorly written😟. Set in the state of UP, local politicians spark a Hindu-Muslim controversy which leads to a riot💥. Jimmy Shergil is convincing as a rightwing MLA👏. The film's content doesn't warrant its length😴. Interestingly, Kapil Sibal makes his debut as a lyricist✍ in this film.

🎬Director: Pranav Kumar Singh

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Now You See Me - 2:
Duta Rating ⭐️⭐️(2/5)
In the sequel, the four horsemen✨ look to bring down the empire of a tech magnate(Daniel Radcliffe) with their grand illusions😳. There are so many unexplained tricks and with the extensive use of effects the audience half expect Mark Ruffalo to turn huge and green for the final act😮.This one is strictly for the fans of the 1⃣st part who can say that now they've seen👀 this too.

🎬Director: Jon M. Chu

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