Ola🔘 Accuses Uber🔲 of Lawlessness

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By Fråst🐺

Taxi🚕 companies Uber🔲 and Ola🔘 have been at war for a long time now. On Thursday, Ola’s🔘 COO Pranay Jivrajka👔 accused Uber of not following the ‘laws of the land’ 🇮🇳 without naming them. Pranay said that it was a shame that Ola’s competition🔲 was debating over nationalism to conceal their multinational identity. He accused them of violating⚠ the law as a business strategy both in India🇮🇳 and globally🌐. Pranay explained🔉, “This debate in our view is not about foreign vs local but who is respectful of the local laws and who is disrespectful.” He said that initially Uber🔲 launched with a ‘card on file’ payment system, in violation of RBI🏦 regulations, and was completely aware that they were wrong😐. It finally took an ultimatum from the RBI Governor😎 for them to obey the rule. He said that Ola🔘 faced losses📉 in comparison as they chose not to break the rules. Type *834 to see Uber’s🔲 response to Ola🔘.

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