Serial Killer🔪 on the Loose in Rajkot‼

  |   India News

After a 30-year-old man, Sagar Mevada, was bludgeoned😱 to death with stones in Rajkot on April 4⃣th, fears of a serial killer on the loose has surfaced in the city. What the police👮 thought would be just another open and shut case has been troubling them for 3⃣ months now as the killer☠ claimed his 4⃣th victim last week😮. All his victims(Dhiraj Vikani, Vallabh Rangani, Sagar Mevada, Pravin Barad) have been killed in exactly the same fashion. The only clue the police👮 have is a CCTV footage📹 of a tall man stalking Vallabh Rangani on Kankat road on June 6⃣th. The attacker killed him with stones and used the victim's phone📱 to inform the family he has been killed😡. At least 15,00 people have been questioned by the police and they suspect that the killer has homosexual leanings🤔.

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