'Accidental' Missile🚀 Fired at 🇨🇳China🙆

  |   India News

A Taiwan warship accidently fired a supersonic "aircraft carrier killer" missile🚀 towards China🇨🇳 on Friday, escalating existing frosty relations between the 2 countries. The domestically developed Hsiung-feng III missile flew about 75km before hitting a fishing boat⛴ in waters of Penghu. The captain of the trawler⛴ was killed and 3⃣ othercrew on board were injured😢. Taiwan's Defence Ministry🛡 has apologised🙏 to the family of the captain and conveyed their condolences😞 in an official statement. It is suggested that the accident was due to a human error😑. Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council declined❌ to say whether the incident had been reported to Beijing. Taiwan🇹🇼 and China🇨🇳 aren't in best of terms as the Taiwan government refused to recognise the "one China" concept.

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