Uber’s🔲 Response to Ola🔘

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By Fråst🐺

In response to Ola’🔘s accusations. Uber’s🔲 Bengaluru GM ‘Bhavik Rathod’ said in a blog post that Uber🔲 has the deepest respect for the laws in India🇮🇳, but didn’t explain why they broke the RBI🏦 rules for more than a year. Rathod👔 also said🔉, “What makes Uber 'foreign'? The fact that we are established in San Francisco but have a hyperlocal team solving problems that are locally relevant. Or that, just like our competitors, we received most of our funding from 'foreign' investors.” Rathod’s comment🔉 was moot, however, as Ola🔘 specifically said that it wasn’t about 🔉“foreign vs local but who is respectful of the local laws.” Rathod👔 went on to explain that both companies had received funding from foreign🌐 investors. Type *833 to see Ola’s🔘 response to Uber🔲.

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