Man with the ₹1⃣ Cr💰 Golden🔱 Shirt Killed

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By Fråst🐺

Datta D Phuge, a famous millionaire💰 money-lender from Pimpri near 🏙Pune was found bludgeoned 💥to death near Dighi, 🏙Pune on Friday Morning. The 👮🏼police say that his vehicle🚙 was attacked by anonymous persons👥 who then dragged him out, lashed at him with a sickle🔪 and then bashed his head in with rocks💥 and fled. Phuge generally has armed bodyguards💂🏼 with him at all times, and it is unclear where they were during his murder🤔. The motive, though unknown, is probably due to business rivalries. 👮🏼Police have launched🚀 a manhunt to capture the murderers. Phuge’s body, along with the murder weapons have been sent to forensics👓. Phuge became famous 🌐worldwide for his 22-carat 🔱gold-woven shirt worth 1⃣ cr💰 along with 6⃣ Swarovski crystal buttons and a 🔱gold belt to match.

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