Nice🇫🇷 Crazy Killer: Mohd. Lahouaiej Bouhlel👿

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Mohd. Lahouaiej Bouhlel👿, 31, a French-🇹🇳Tunisian delivery driver🚚 was the man responsible for killing 84 people💐 in Nice, 🇫🇷France, during the Bastille Day🎉 celebrations. He drove a 19-tonne white Renault lorry🚚 into a crowd👥. Bouhlel was a father of 3⃣, divorced💔, and a known “loner” according to his neighbours. It is reported that he became 🔉"depressed and unstable, even agressive"" after his marriage fell apart and added financial problems💸. He was born in 🇹🇳Tunisia in 1985, and entered 🇫🇷France on a residency permit. His neighbours said that he was not particularly interested in religion🙏, didn’t pray, was “rude”😡 a “bit weird”👹 and was "more into women than religion.” He and even liked salsa💃🏻 & was “smart like George Clooney.” Bouhlel had a criminal record and had committed assault with a weapon🔫, domestic violence, threats👺 and robbery, but nothing to do with terrorism☠. He had also fallen asleep😴 at the wheel while working as a delivery driver and caused an accident once.

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Original Image Credit📷: Identity card