🇺🇸US & 🇷🇺Russia May Fight 🏴ISIS Together

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On Thursday, the 🇺🇸US offered 🇷🇺Russia a new military partnership to put an end to the 5⃣-year civil war and 🏴ISIS insurgency in Syria. If accepted, the deal could radically change the role of the 🇺🇸US in the war. In an 8⃣ -page proposal, the 🇺🇸US will offer military intelligence, 🎯targeting sharing and joint bombing 💣operations. Moscow earlier wanted these very offers, but the 🇺🇸US was hesitant. However, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said🔉 that 🇷🇺Russia would have to restrict 🎯targeting to extremist groups such as IS, and not the various other moderate opposition forces fighting Assad's government. Earnest said🔉 that 🇷🇺Russia used its “military might to prop up the Assad regime at the expense, or in some cases even to the detriment, of our efforts to go after extremists.” If accepted✅, it would lead to an international anti-terrorism☠ alliance between the 2⃣ nations.

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