Olympic Marketing✨: Companies Go for Gold🏅

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By Shadowfax🐎

The Olympics✨ is here, so are the Olympic ads📹 from companies trying to tap into the interest and excitement across the globe🌏. Coca-Cola have gone for a 'gold' theme with its ads showing athletes🏃 enjoying 'gold'en moments while they sip on their cokes🍹. An ad from Samsung📱 shows the path to Rio for an athlete from South Sudan, the latest country to be recognised by IOC. Procter & Gamble are doing 'Thankyou Mom🙏' series of ads to show their appreciation for mothers of athletes participating in Rio👩. In fact, companies are opting for campaigns that capitalise on the emotional appeal👌 of the Olympics rather than the specifics of Rio or Brazil, so as not to focus👀 on the Zika or other issues plaguing the upcoming Olympics.

Sponsoring Olympics does have its perks👍 for these companies - a huge worldwide audience🙌 with a wide reach that will familiarise their products👏.

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