🇹🇷Turkey Coup Foiled❗️

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The 👔Erdogan Government has seemingly regained control after an attempt by 💂military factions to to overthrow the government. According to the acting army chief 💂General Umit Dundar, around 104 coup plotters were killed. In a 📺televised appearance he went on to state:🔊 "The coup attempt has been foiled," he said that the 1,563 💂soldiers who took part in the coup were ⛓arrested. Apparently the attempt came from sections of the ✈️Air Force, Gendarmerie and "armoured elements". Dundar insisted that senior commanders 🚫rejected the coup "from the start".

Apparently 90 people - 41 👮police and 47 👫civilians died in addition to the 104 🔫plotters. Turkey has one of the largest military forces in NATO and now must fight to ensure that it retakes control. Presently police special forces and the military are securing the perimeter of the headquarters in Ankara.

General Umit Dundar vowed to wipe out members of a "parallel structure" from within the armed forces. "Parallel structure" commonly refers to followers of Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used 🐦Twitter to warn against a new flare-up, urging people to remain in the streets.

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