🇹🇷Turkey Shuts Down 👤FB, Twit🐦 & YT▶

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By Fråst🐺

After the coup d’état in 🇹🇷Turkey the country has blocked ▶YouTube, 👤Facebook, Twitter🐦. ‘🇹🇷Turkey Blocks’ is a Twitter🐦 account which regularly checks🔎 if sites are being blocked🚫 in the country. It reported that at 11.04 PM Istanbul time, all 3⃣ sites were unresponsive⛔. However, Instagram📹 and Vimeo📹 were still functional. Access was later restored about 1.5 hours later. Residents in 🇹🇷Turkey could still access the websites using a VPN or similar anonymizing👤 method.
If you are in 🇹🇷Turkey, you can also download⬇ the Tor Browser which will safely redirect you to the sites you need to visit.
You can download⬇ it here🔗: https://goo.gl/MAATW

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