BCCI to Axe😱 Simon Taufel☝

By Shadowfax🐎

Disappointed😞 with the level of commitment shown by former umpire Simon Taufel👔 in his role as a mentor to Indian umpires, BCCI is reportedly not in favour of extending his contract📝. Taufel is currently paid around $50,000💰 for a year but many within the board feel that he hasn't done justice to the job😏. He was roped in by BCCI a year after he retired in 2012😯. Taufel is considered as the best umpire in recent times⭐. A BCCI official said🔈, "He spent very little time in India. If you add up the days he spends before the Ranji Trophy and the IPL, he interacts with Indian umpires at the most for a fortnight a year. It is not worth paying him so much.😳"

It is worth noting that when Taufel took over, India did not have an umpire in ICC's elite panel👥 but S Ravi managed to break in last year👏.

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