RCA🏏 Test 🇮🇳India-Made Pink Balls👏

Debates🗣 and experiments🔬 are still going on to prove the viability👍 of pink balls. Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) president👔 Sourav Ganguly⭐ has still not made his decision🤔 on the brand😯 of the pink ball that will be used for CAB Super League🏆 finals. These matches are 🇮🇳India's first 🙌major pink ball trials and Ganguly will be choosing between 🇦🇺Australian Kookaburra and 🇬🇧English Dukes. Meanwhile, Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) has already concluded👏 a trial with a pink ball made by an Indian company👍 called SR Supreme. Secretary👔 of RCA, Somendra Tiwari said🔈, “A Kookaburra pink ball would cost us between R15000-18000. But this one cost us only R5000. Although it is far more expensive than the normal red ball, it is still cheaper than the other foreign options for pink ball.”