Cook⭐: Pak Celebration🙌 Unpleasant😏

After clinching a 😍spectacular win✌ against England at Lords🏟, the Pakistan cricket team did a series of 😳push-ups to celebrate🎉 their triumph. The celebration was a tribute to the Pakistan army🔫 who helped 👏them during a fitness💪 camp before the tour. However, the losing captain Alastair Cook⭐ did not like 😏the celebration and said that they will use it as a motivation👍 for the next game. “It’s never nice losing at Lord’s, and seeing the opposition celebrating like they were at the end, so we’ll use that as motivation,” Cook said🔈. “It’s not pleasant, they’re entitled to do what they want. It’s united them and shows what a challenge we’ve got”

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