‘Good Will Hunting’🎥 Genius💡 Found

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By Fråst🐺

Yu Jianchun, a Chinese🇨🇳 migrant worker in 🏙Beijing has found a solution to a complex math🔢 problem – all without a college degree📜. Yu, who works for a delivery📦 company & said that he always had a fascination for numbers🔢 & created an alternative method to verify Carmichael numbers😯. Academics🎓 are amazed as his proof was far more efficient than the traditional. Math 👓professor at Zhejiang University Cai Tianxin said🔉, “He has never received any systematic training in number theory nor taken advanced math classes. All he has is an instinct & an extreme sensitivity to numbers His solution amazed academics, who said his proof was much more efficient than the traditional one.” Yu worked on the proof📄 in his free time & describes himself as shy & introverted☺. Yu is being called 🇨🇳China’s Will Hunting after the character in the movie🎥 whose story resembles Yu’s👍.

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