Juventus to pay 👟Nike €2m💰

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Reports📰 out of Italy🇮🇹 state that Serie A champions Juventus are expected to pay Nike €2m💰 over the decision to sell unauthorised jerseys with 3⃣ Scudetto stars⭐. Teams are allowed to place a gold✨ star on their shirt for every 10 Scudetti🏆 won and a silver star for every 10 editions Coppa Italia. Juventus were stripped off 2⃣ titles in the past and so when they won the title in 2012, Nike👟 refused✋ to add a third star as it was technically their 28th win. Juventus allowed the release of unauthorised official merchandise😮 with 3 stars after which Nike terminated❌ the contract📄 in 2013.
Now, a tribunal⚖ at Geneva has ordered Juventus to pay €2m.

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