🎤MJ's Crush on Emma Watson👧⁉

  |   Hollywood / India News

🎤Michael Jackson's physician Dr. Conrad Murray has claimed that the former king of pop was infatuated with 11-year-old Emma Watson😱. In his book📖 titled, "This Is It: Laying the bare Grim Details From the King of Pop's Life', he claims that Michael was in 'love' with the 12-year-old daughter👧 of his friend Michael Lester. The singer apparently researched laws about where in the world it would be legal to marry a girl so young. When Murry allegedly told him that it wasn't possible✋, Jackson turned his attention to the girl who had acted in 📽Harry Potter & the Sorcer's Stone- Emma Watson.
Michael was put on trial⚖ for child molestation around that time. Recently, it was made public that a secret room filled with toys and games for children was discovered at his ranch in 2003. Disturbingly, the room also had a bed and a bathroom😡.

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