🇹🇷Turkey Warned⚠ Over Death💀 Penalty

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

The Turkish Govt.🏤 is seething with controversies👀 after they rounded up thousands of court judges⚖. 🇹🇷Turkey has also arrested thousands of people after the failed coup💥 attempt. Erdogan said that pro-government ✊protestors have demanded that the coup leaders be executed, & added that the matter would be discussed with opposition parties😐. The 🌐EU has also stated that 🇹🇷Turkey cannot join it if it reinstates the death penalty, before President Erdoğan👔 makes any drastic decisions. They have urged 🇹🇷Turkey to maintain a legal 🔎investigation & bring in those behind the coup. A German government 🗣spokesperson said🔉: “We categorically reject the death penalty. A country that has the death penalty can't be a member of the European Union & the introduction of the death penalty in Turkey would therefore mean the end of accession negotiations.” in 2004, capital☠ punishment was abolished in 🇹🇷Turkey, & talks began on its accession to the 🌐EU, but little progress has been made so far.

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