💬WhatsApp Revealed 🇹🇷Turkey Coup😯

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By Fråst🐺

Al Jazeera Arabic📺 said🔉 that several conversations over 💬WhatsApp were revealed to the Govt. of 🇹🇷Turkey which helped it prepare for the attempted coup🤔. The messages detailed the plot📝 by those involved in the coup before they attempted to seize ⚡power from the democracy. They were found in a 💬WhatsApp group & also revealed how the Army💂🏼 would allow vehicles to leave Istanbul🏙 but not enter the city on the bridges🌉 under their control. Raids & arrests have been conducted on the members in the group👥. The group conversation also included orders to use live ammunition🔫 on the 👮🏼police if they attempted to interfere. The group also revealed the name of the hotel🏩 that President Erdoğan was at. Erdoğan left the hotel just 30 minutes before it was struck by an explosion💥. After which he urged the citizens👥 to head to the streets & resist the coup. The question now remains: How did they get access to the messages⁉

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