Woman Re-Raped😱 by Gang, 3⃣ Years Later

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

A low-caste Dalit Haryanvi 🙇student had been pursuing a case against 5⃣ men who had raped😱 her in 2013 in Bhiwani. She had moved to Rohtak after being threatened👺 by the accused who were already out on bail. The 21-year-old female 🙇student👧🏻 was once again attacked last week in Rohtak by the very same men who raped her the first time in 2013😰. She said🔉, “I was leaving the college when I saw them. They were the same five men. I was very afraid. They forced me inside the car. They tried to strangulate me. They said they would kill my father & brother.” 😡 She was badly injured & left in the bushes & was later taken to a hospital🏥 by a good Samaritan. A complaint has been registered📜 by the local 👮🏼police & an 🔎investigation team has been sent to look for the men. The incident has sparked💥 angry ✊protests in Rohtak.

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