Ajay Devgn⭐ to Promote Aamir's 🎥Dangal

  |   Aamir Khan / Bollywood / India News

By Shadowfax🐎

Though he is not a part of ⭐Aamir Khan's upcoming wrestling biopic🎥 Dangal, Ajay Devgn⭐ is set to promote the film as he is all for the cause of women empowerment👩. Dangal has a 'girl empowerment' theme and that is what compelled💪 Devgn to put his weight behind the film - "I’m all for girl power and if Dangal has that theme then I’m promoting Dangal as well". He was responding to people who mocked😠 him for retweeting photos of all parents who shared moments📸 with their daughters with the hashtag #mygirlmystrength.

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Original Image Credit: https://goo.gl/YF75Ws