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+263...1⃣ how to start a business

Dear +263...1⃣,

Congratulations, you've already succeeded at the first step be being an entrepreneur👍. The desire to do something❗️

Your first step is to put your 💡ideas on 🗒paper. By doing so, you'll 🔎explore and refine your venture for the better. Here are the key 🔑 things your plan need to answer:

👫People: Who are the people starting the venture? Also who are the important third parties?

💰Opportunity: Describe the venture and your target market. What do you consider success? What are the threats to success?

🌳Environment: Here you describe background, market conditions, demographic trends.

✳️Risks and rewards: What can go right? What could go wrong? How will your team respond?

Good luck in your venture!

Duta Didi
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