🇮🇳 India Deploys T-72 Tanks to Ladakh🏔

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By Fråst🐺

🇮🇳 India will be deploying a regiment of T-72 tanks to Ladakh🏔 as part of the winter drill. The army alleges that this isn’t an act against 🇨🇳China but a necessity to keep the 🇷🇺Russian tanks operational✅ at those heights🏔. During the 1962 war with 🇨🇳China, this will be the first time that the tanks are being deployed at these altitudes🤔. Tanks are generally meant for plain-warfare, but the military is using several tactics to increase its presence in the area😐. The tanks are repeatedly switched on during the nights to prevent them from freezing❄. Colonel Vijay Dalal said📢, “What the army has done is that we have procured special additives & lubricants for high altitude terrain such as winter grade diesel & additives for the lubrication system which prevents it from freezing in the tank.”

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