No❌ Tinkering with 📜GST: ✋Congress

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By Fråst🐺

On Monday, the ✋Congress said it was "constructively engaged" with the government🏤 on the GST📜 issue but wanted to avoid any "tinkering"🔧 with the proposed tax reform. Senior ✋Congress spokesman🗣 Anand Sharma said📢, “The Congress has insisted on a cap on the GST rate. We are very clear that there has to be a cap & there should not be any tinkering with that rate of GST.” He🗣 added🔉, “We will not leave it to the Executive or the Government of the day on its own to change that. That is why we have said it has to be firmly ring-fenced.” He said that the 📜bill would large-scale change🤔 in taxation structure💰 & how indirect taxes like service tax💰, sales tax 💰or VAT💰 are levied. He said that they wanted clarity👍 on how the taxes would be levied, which is why “the Congress Party has insisted on capping it.”

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