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Dear All,

👍Success means very different things to different people. Here are my 7⃣ tips for living a 👍successful life:

1⃣ The biggest barrier to success is 😱fear. Lack of faith in yourself, making excuses, 😡anger all drain the energy we'd otherwise use for fulfilling our dreams. Find ways to be calm and positive. Fear has no place in a successful person's vocabulary. Take things as they come.

2⃣ Understand what your core 👍values are. Success is usually correlated closely with long term 😊happiness. Figure out what you're passionate about and what you'd like to have achieved in your life. Money💰 alone is usually 🚫not the answer.

3⃣ Write down ✍️ what you consider success to be for yourself. Bear in mind this is different for 👫👬 everybody.

4⃣ Look at what you wrote down and refer to it every 📖day. Plan 1⃣ thing every day to achieve your success. Make sure it is a realistic step. that you can achieve in a day.

5⃣ Start planning out longer term goals. What you need to achieve in a week, a month, by next year and 🤔think through how you're going to do it.

6⃣You will have setbacks and make 😳mistakes. Everybody does. Look at these situations as opportunities🤔 to learn.

7⃣ Practice being 😎grateful for every moment in your life, and for the successes you have already achieved.

You'll soon see that your attitude determines your altitude❗️

Duta Didi

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