Car🚕 Sharing Benefits for Cities🏙

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By Fråst🐺

Cars are one of the main contributors😈 to gas emissions🌫 in the 🌐world (just on par with livestock🐄, surprisingly) & everyone wants to do their best to curb them (so they say). With cars🚗, the problem is immediately solved with 1⃣ main step: reduced car ownership🤔. One UC Berkeley🏤 study shows that the results of car sharing services are good for the environment🌳 & the wallet💵. The study looked at 1⃣-way car sharing in North 🌎America using car2go📱 since it was the most popular. The study found that both vehicle ownership & driving emissions💨 dropped📉 from the car sharing programme. In most cases, respondents even reported walking🚶 more instead of using public transport (yes, walking is good for you). A small number of owners even sold💲 or didn’t bother to buy a personal car because of the car sharing system👏. Across 5⃣ studies cities, around 4⃣-9⃣ owned cars were never purchased to begin with, per car sharing vehicle in the city. That’s a massive shift❗

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