Decision on Russia Ban🚫 Delayed😯

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By Shadowfax🐎

After a report📝 by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) implicated Russia in a state-sponsored doping💉 programme that spanned over 4 years, International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided against✋ adopting a quick measure like banning the country altogether from the sporting extravaganza😱. IOC said it would wait for legal advice⚖ over whether a ban would be enforceable. Moreover, the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) is set to give a ruling😯 on the participation of 68 Russian track & field athletes who were banned by IAAF for doping and IOC would ideally like to wait for that judgement before coming to a decision😣.

An IOC statement📜 said that it would 'explore its legal options with regard to a collective ban🚫 of all Russian athletes while also considering the right to individual justice for the athletes'.

🔍To know more about WADA, type: search wada doping

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